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AES Time in San Francisco

Posted on | October 2, 2008 | No Comments

AES San Francisco 2008I’m heading to  in San Francisco this weekend. AES is the Audio Engineering Society. The bring a big conference and exhibition dedicated to audio engineering twice a year to big cities, this year back in San Francisco.

I have very fond memories of the two earlier AES conferences/exhibitions I have visited in San Francisco. Such as getting a good deal on customized musician earplugs (might get a new set if the price is right as I lost mine, they are so tiny and easy to misplace, sigh.) Once Apple just released Logic 7.0 and had sign-ups for free tutorials in all aspects of Logic; I think I spent 5+ hours with hand-held assistance, including engineers from Apple/Germany. For free. The AES I attended before that had a super-low deal on moving to Logic from any DAW so that’s how I got 4.1 in the first place (had an unused Cubase license for a PC back home…)

Last time during the presentation of Steve Miller band’s talk about the Fly Like and Eagle album, they presented the album remastered as a 5:1 version. They played it back in the auditorium on a huge 5:1 speaker system that sounded fantastic. I talked for a long time with the PSP Audioware engineers from Poland about how VintageWarmer operates.

Oh, what else? If you want subscriptions to a lot of professional audio magazines such as Mix, Keyboard Player et rest, bring with you a good pen and fill in forms and you will get them. Don’t know in this economic climate if this year’s exhibition has this in place but let’s see.

The exhibition is $40 at door. However, do some clever Google searches and you might get access to a web site where a sponsor is providing a free exhibition pass, so you don’t even need to pay for the exhibition.

I will write a report if I find anything interesting and cool at the exhibition. Just now my studio setup is saturated but it’s good to check out new stuff from various audio companies in case I need something special later — or, if they have a good conference deal I might get something.

PS: Here is the outline of Chris Stone’s presentation at this year’s AES/San Francisco concerning Trends and Opportunities for Recording Artists in today’s market. Also interesting reading.


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