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Adrian Belew in Talking Head’s Remain In Light

Posted on | November 6, 2008 | No Comments

51ynaegxptl_sl160_.jpgI just picked up Talking Head’s Remain In Light from the Amazon MP3 store, special price today. Anyway, been a while since I last listened to this one.

I must say, the Adrian Belew guitar playing on this record was extremely innovative and different from the rest of that time. Maybe even today.

Please, more ‘think different’ guitar players are needed in this age of EMG pickups and metallic copycat playing. I still regret I didn’t go to the Adrian Belew concert in SF last April — not that I’ve seen him twice. The first time, in the first song he played, he started this guitar solo that was full of cliches and bad playing. My thought was: “OK, so this is the great Belew???” In part two of the same solo he pulled off the most amazing solo lines I’ve ever heard. Speak about showmanship using musical contrasts…

For more Adrian Belew madness, check out the Line6 Spider Jam video demo with Adrian Belew doing strange/strange loop overdubs.


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