About Songwriting, Part One

Simi ValleyIt would be fun talking about song writing, the process, various approaches and so forth. There’s no specific formula for writing songs. Everyone has their own methods or systems to produce and create songs. You actually learn a lot by reading interviews of your favorite songwriters, their approaches, how they compose, what tools they use…

For example, I didn’t know that a lot of Todd Rundgren’s recent production material, from later day Utopia, up to today was based on putting together the raw material as a track. The actual voice melody was then created later on top of the already recorded material; the lyrics often done inĀ  a day. This of course requires someone who is extremely melodic and could write melodies on top of any kind of music.

Still, it is an interesting approach, in case you like this use this as one model to create songs instead of sitting with a guitar in your lap and waiting for the inspiration — just record and put together various constellations and find out what the outcome is. Hard disks are cheap nowadays.

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  1. Hi Kent – this is a fascinating subject. Coming from a poetic background I very often will write lyrics, create a musical track and then sing over the top. It’s easier than the old guitar-microphone co-ordination thing! Great blog you have here BTW. My last three albums are available as free downloads – direct links at gothick.co.uk

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