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Ableton Simpler – Samplers

Posted on | March 9, 2007 | No Comments

simpler_580x204.jpgThe latest Ableton newsletter had this URL with new YouTube video where Robert Henke shows Simpler in action. It’s really worth checking out, as you will get a lot of ideas how to incorporate Simpler into all kinds of projects. Also, Henke talks towards the end about the design philosophy behind Live — simple tools build more complexity, such as a brush for a painter could create complex results.

Samplers are actually sometimes tools that are, at least for me, considered old-fashioned compared with all the new synthesizers available. But they could really be used for all kinds of music sample triggering, like the video shows.

Also, Logic’s EXS24 is really nice, as it has a lot of vintage synth samples. I really miss my old Jupiter-6, and Logic has many Jupiter-8 sounds incorporated. With EXS24’s filtering unit, more effects, and layering, I could even create more complex patterns from the base sample sounds.

EXT24 also has many nice drum sets mapped in, such as default 808 and 909 samples, as well as others.


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