Ableton Loops and Snare Rolls

live_snare_patterns.pngLet’s say you have this really nice snare sound, but no original MIDI information, and you want to make rolls and other variations with this loop. You could cut and paste the loops and put it together, but with Live and loop points this is so easy and trivial.

Just cut the beat where you want the roll to happen, and play around with this new loop setting, make it shorter, start on odd beats, and so on.

You could even use envelopes, volume or pitch, to make the drum sound different.

I use this technique quite a lot to spiffy up kick, snare and various drum loops, and break up the monotony around the eight or sixteen bar places.

You could even go to the extreme to make really short loops by moving the original warp points closer to make that — maybe overused by now – stuttering effect.

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