Ableton Live Volume Controls II


To continue with this theme, Ableton Live has an amazing set of features for handling such a simple and obvious thing as volume. Each clip has a volume level (see above left), so you could control the volume per clip, in addition to the audio track volume. If you duplicate the same clip and change the values per clip, you have another dimension of volume control!

Even better, see picture, right side, each clip has a volume envelope that controls the volume during the time-line of the clip. You could then do operations from simple cleanup of unwanted snare hits to staccato effects, slow fade in/outs at the beginning/end of the loop, and much more.

The third part is volume automation, you could automate the track along the time line for total fade in/outs or specific volume changes.

To be complete, the last way to control the volume is the master volume slider. However, if you change this from 0dB to something lower, it means that the final rendered track will also be below 0dB and then you need to normalize it back — or better not touch this volume slider in production work, rather the computer or DAC volume controls.

All together, there are so many ways in Ableton to control the total volume settings, so you seldom run out of features in order to control the output. Next, how to take down volume levels without even touching the volume knobs!

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