Ableton Live and Mastering – DJ Use

masteringtapeboost.pngI did a private DJ gig last night, and before that I needed something in the mastering chain as a limiter and analog warmth, as digital files tend to sound somewhat harsh (in my ears). I usually use PSP VintageWarmer in the studio, but this plugin is not yet (sigh) ported to Mac Intel, so it’s not available as a universal binary.

So, I looked around the rack section of Ableton Live, and found a couple of mastering racks (sets of effects). I selected MasteringTape Boost, and it actually sounded really nice. So I used this for the laptop, and I really liked the end results.

In case you have a similar need, check out the new rack presets, or experiment with Saturator/Compressor/EQ combinations — you could always start from a preset rack and modify the results. Just now I could live without VintageWarmer…

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  1. can you post a screenshot of this unfolded for us live 5 users

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