Ableton Beat Repeat Revisited

another_beat_repeat.pngIn the latest Podcast SE-001 I used two tracks across the whole 27 minutes with very wacko beat repeat settings using the Ableton Live Beat Repeat plugin.

You could hear it in the beginning on the Luminary Ubic track, the modem-like odd sounds, as well as here and there, where you have strange sounding wobbly melodies.

Usually beat-repeat is used for variations in drum loops, or to get that glitchy-IDM sound (I think too much used by now). But in this case I just wanted to use it to make odd melodies sounding choppy and unexpected.

Then, during working on this longer track, I sometimes dragged in loops into either one of these highly choppy plugin tracks, and if it sounded interesting — hey, it stayed there. Towards the end I became more and more conservative. It’s like using chocolate for everything, first it taste good, but after a while too much is just too much.

Anyway, this is another creative trick of the in-the-moment studio work — create a couple of odd special effect plugin tracks, drag material into it, and keep it or leave it out, but it certainly sounds different.

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