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Ableton and MIDI Min/Max Control Ranges

Posted on | November 16, 2006 | No Comments

ableton_live_cc_max.pngHere’s another nice and easy feature in Ableton Live 6.0. When you switch to MIDI map mode, and define controls, you could also specify in the MIDI mappings window the min and max values for the actual controllers.

Two examples where this is good to do — with DJ MIDI control setups — is the volume and EQ3 settings . It’s good to restrict the max volume to 0dB or something similar. In a busy DJ session you might by mistake push the volume slider or knob too far up, resulting in over 0dB signals sent to the master.

With the EQ3 equalizer, for example with the low end bass, you don’t want to push the eq too far up, over 0dB, when tweaking the knob. Now, when you tweak it far right, you know that you will not exceed the max value you have set.

This all is especially good with crazy DJ sessions, you take down the EQ low end with a track, and then to reset it for the next track, just move the knob all the way to the right.

Also, don’t forget to tweak the knobs just before the DJ session starts, if the values are in a specific setting, and you start tweaking, you might initally get really odd and unexpected values. So it’s good to reset all of the knobs before the DJ session starts.


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