A5 Chords

a5chords.pngOf some reason I really like the 5 type chords when playing guitar, such as A5. In addition I let the other strings ring so it’s a very open A5 or any other 5 using barre chords.

Why? Hmm, I think open-ended chords, both with piano/keyboards and guitars, make a more dramatic arrangement style than fixed major/minor chords. There’s something mysterious, to be followed by something else, incomplete, close but it takes to another direction. Something like that.

Besides, they are easy to play, just take a normal A major chord and lift up one finger and you are set. They work really well in all kinds of situations, even when you rearrange an existing song.

I think it’s worth exploring the use of different chords than the obvious ones when both composing and arranging, as it takes the song to a very different direction. If nothing else, it pops out from the majority of songs out there based on typical chord arrangements.

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