A Collection Of Recent Thoughts and Happenings

cowsA lot at work, a lot back home so I have had little time to write anything over here. Hopefully it will change in a couple of days’ time.


It was fun taking an MP3 jam a friend sent me without a bassĀ  track, load it into Logic, play a bass line using Guitar Rig 3, export the track and send it back to him to include it to the final ‘jam’ track. Maybe this is the future of jamming across the planet.

I’m working on an interesting project concerning writing contemporary dance music for aerobics spin classes to be sold over iTunes. It’s another example where music is more and more a service.

If you want to progress faster asĀ  a singer, use songs you really like to sing, put them together to a medley and perform them — forces you to practice singing for a couple of evenings quite a lot and your voice will get stronger.

Using a guitar while singing has the benefit of you figuring out multiple harmonies that could be sang based on the melody — will make a performance sound more unique than singing from a spreadsheet. Note, this only works for musicians that sing. I suspect singers-only have this built-in.

Joe Buckley was an amazing songwriter and performer, sad he left us so quickly.

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