52-minute Psychedelic Suite, Progress

purple_planet.pngHey, progress. I got mixed and cleaned up the earlier 32 minutes I did months ago, so now all needed is to add another 20 minutes of music.

This is the beauty with a computer-focused studio, I could just load in the material into Ableton Live 5.0 where I ended — this with a new computer setup.

It was interesting to re-hear the material, and clean it up. Somehow I manage to keep mental audio notes about what needs to be fixed, and even after many months, those mental notes bubbled up.

Hopefully this is locked down before end September.

Another strange note is that the more busy I am at work, the more creative I tend to become back home. Reminds me of the last wishes of a dead man, or something similar. Maybe that’s how progress is made — when time is precious.

And yes, no drugs used, even had decaffeinated coffee tonight when working…

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